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Oh no, not another RPG parody indie game thinking it's really funny. 

Welcome to a whimsical fantasy universe with princesses, knights and mages. Although, funnily enough, in this world the gender roles have been completely reversed. 

In Journey to Northpass you follow the adventures of Sevrin, the noble warrior princess from a far away land, come to travel the curious world beyond the Barrenwoods. She is guided by a mystical mage named Amaury, who is on her last of her ten good deeds to let her spirit rest in peace. And let’s not forget the gorgeous, doe-eyed prince Hammett, who almost every woman in the land longs for, yet unfortunately often finds himself in positions of distress. 

The lands don't just belong to womankind, however, as there are a cast of colourful characters to learn about to interact with from various original races- Let alone all the hostile monsters lurking in the shadows of the woods. 

Unfortunately, they will all have to learn to work together to solve the case of the recent mysterious sightings- strange elementals appearing only to attack the living, destroy property and resolve unfinished business. 

Can Princess Sevrin save the day and get the guy before it is too late? 



Journey to Northpass features, or will feature: 

· Original graphics; Sprites, tilesets, and dialogue busts. 
· A default but attractive-looking battle system. 
· A hopefully humorous and, despite its intentions, not too cliche storyline. Perhaps even touching at times. 
· Original characters with a female-dominated cast. 
· A lot of jokes based around the absurdity of gender roles. 
· Usage of a few handy scripts, such as a questlog and quest markers. 
· A royalty-free soundtrack. 

Journey to Northpass is a game with left-wing humour aimed at a specific audience. If this does not appeal to you, the game may not be your thing. Please give your criticism with the target audience in mind. 

Install instructions


-If you don't have the RTP for RPG maker XP, it is necessary to run the game. Go download that at:

http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages (choose RPG MAKER XP!)

-If text does not show up, this game uses the default Windows font AR JULIAN which you can download for free at:


-Don't look in the game's graphics or data folders until you're finished playing, there may be spoilers.



Journey to Northpass


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This game constantly caught me off-guard in all the best ways possible.

Half the time I was laughing and the other half I spent in awe of all the tiny touches the developer put into this game to make the world feel really alive.

From knocking on every door in a city to helping trash cans find love to fighting sword carrying birds there was NEVER a dull moment while playing Journey to Northpass.

Do yourself a favor and set aside four hours of your life for this wonderful gender subverting game.  You will not regret it!